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The European governing body UEFA have announced that Euro 2020 has been postponed till next summer. The competition was slated to be held this summer from June to July 2020. The governing body sighted the health status of players and fans as the reason behind the postponement.

All UEFA matches have been postponed till further dates or otherwise. The Euro 2020 play-offs that were billed for late March have also been postponed till later dates.

The CONVID19 emergency has placed all domestic leagues in Europe on hold, with bookmakers such as on betting24 still unsure as to whether they need to pay out on whoever is top right now, whether the league will be abandoned with no winner chosen, or when the final matches will be completed.

The postponement of Euro 2020 till later days will also give the domestic league the opportunity to conclude the season deep into the summer, and hopefully won’t have any impact on the World Cup, the preparations of which are already in full swing.

Italy has suffered the most cases in CONVID19. The last set of league meetings were played behind closed doors. Top players in the division have also been tested positive of the Virus. Danile Rugani of Juventus was the first high profile name to be affected. Unconfirmed rumors also stated that team mate Paulo Dybala has also tested positive. The Serie A is now suspended till further notice.

French Ligue 1 has also been halted due to the breakout. League leaders PSG were forced to play their UEFA champions league round of 16 tie against Borussia Dortmund behind closed doors. A match the club won 2-0, thanks to two first half goals from Nyemar and Juan Bernat.

LA Liga and the Premier league were put on hold since the 13th of March. Valencia’s Eliquam Mangala had tested positive of the virus, while Chelsea’s Callum Odson Odoi has also shown symptoms of the virus.

The postponement of the Euro 2020 will give room for the domestic league to conclude the season as opposed to different proposals that were available to bring the league to an abrupt end.