25 Replies to “The top 10 goals of the Hyundai A-League season of 2007/08”

  1. even if I have to get up late at night or early in the morning to watch this league
    every second I over sleep is worth it

  2. Good video. It is just such a shame that the 09/10 season is being marred by PATHETIC DECISIONS, made by PATHETIC REFEREES, costing teams points every week. The league is moving foward the referees are a disgrace!!!

  3. Mate, this is a year old.

    Anyway, if VDS, James or whatever were in goal he wouldn’t have scored. The Freekick has little power. Claiming this cunt could score in any league would make him better than Ronaldo. So no. He sucks balls. Come off it.

  4. You’re a twat. Wake up to yourself. Some shots are unstoppable regradless of what league they are scored in. Just because JG doesn’t play in the EPL doesn’t mean he can’t hit a great free kick…

  5. You do know that there has to be daylight between the attacker and defender? In any event the benefit of the doubt goes to the attacking team…

  6. holy shit your right, not by much, but at the moment he touches the ball the attacking player is like leaning forwards, at least half a meter past the defender :O

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