Interview with Ned Zelic on an A-League team for Canberra

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  1. Ned was one of the best defenders in the world 🙂 He finished with football in Georgia and was the favorite player of Dinamo Tbilisi fans 🙂

  2. however with that all said, i like to hear sum1 enthusiastic about the bid. Im hoping your a foundation member

  3. jets share the same stadium as the knights, the roosters share with sydney fc, the broncos share with the roar, numerous afl clubs share with the victory, north queansland fury are going to share with the cowboys and gold coast united are going to share with the titans. why wouldnt the raiders share with the a-league team? they are going to be playing at bruce stadium the seasons dont clash. your opinion sucks!

  4. Honestly, it’d be great to have Canberra in the A-League and it’s the next logical step, along with the Gold Coast, for an additional team. I hear they’ve already got 5 million out of the required 6 in funds, and I’m assuming the other mill will come in short time.

    They have direct competition from the NRL and ARU though, which would pose the question, ‘Where would they play at home?’. Bruce Stadium out of the equation, or will the NRL and A-League co-operate for Canberra’s sake?

  5. i just checked out that site and i couldnt believe that we already have over 780. u people should check it out they even have a list of the current members, im going to join just so i can have my name on the list

  6. Ned is spot on the money, we need a team in the a-league. c’mon guys join up, it is totally worth it

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