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  4. i understand with ur really cool spelling too “subjugate” tru?
    well with u not actually watching proves that u have no idea wat ur talking about and while i do not appreciate u not taking responsiblility for this i undertsand cause i find it hard sometimes to admit im wrong.
    just proves ur wrong im right. so once again.

    ps. bet it makes u feel really cool to “try” and bag me about my careless spelling mistakes oppose to u making decent comebacks that has to do with the actual video.

  5. I’ll be straight up with you champ, if you have got this much trouble with spelling, then why the heck would I subjugate myself to TWO probably lengthy videos of you talking in much the same way? Or subjugate anyone else to it for that matter?
    It would be cruelty to humans.

    And if you don’t like my videos – quick tip – don’t watch them.
    I applied that final principle to your videos, haven’t watched a second.

    Finally, I think speak for everyone else when I say – thanks for your time!

  6. iv posted videos days ago in relitation to ur ludaicris statements so if u would liek to be proven wrong please check them out or at least accept themt o be posted so others can realise that u have no clue on wat u r talking about.
    Thanks for ur time.

  7. 1. A preview is a lot of things champ, a preview about not being able to do a proper preview – is still a preview. Monotone talking seems to be a favourite style of both of us when it comes to previews.
    2. Give me a reason to watch the A-League ahead of other sports and I will. And that way for me is make your playing group interesting via a Fantasy League – & most importantly give me a chance before the season to pick a side I can watch actually play – and to do that I need info!

    3, 4 & 5?

  8. Ok
    6. Of course it is up against the winter codes. When does the A-League kick off? Do you think people just switch over because it’s on mid-season? Hardly.
    And the league is played out of sync with the grass roots season because of those rival competitions.
    7. All Fantasy Leagues are playable if information on the net is available and coverage isn’t.
    8. you’re a poet

  9. Ha… love the fact you’ve gone straight to the ‘have you ever played the game’ card.

    What has it done in 5 years exactly?

    Seriously – point it out? Outside of actually having a national league and attracting a couple of older stars from the EPL (which again I’m all for) the comp is just existing. Which is good news compared to the old NSL but what will constitute success?

    I am PRO A-League being around, don’t my big words like ridicule confuse you.

    And yes – Division 21 baby!

  10. yea i missed spelt a few words, and?
    doesnt make u right mate, ur still wrong. u havnt rebutted any of my points wat so ever. of course its behind, has a long way to come but look wat it has done in just 5 years. will surpass all codes in the future but thats another topic. just admit u have no idea wat ur talking about. u ever even played football?

  11. Finally:
    Market the players and you market the game.

    Everyone might know Robbie Fowler and Jason Culina are here this season but you have to go deeper than that. Great article in SMH today about the Gold Coast failing to really connect with their park footballers – why not send all registered players on your region info packs about the new team in your area?
    How can it be a negative giving a potential fan more info?
    It can’t be – and that’s my blow up.

  12. And the way to get people involved in Fantasy Leagues is to tell them a heck of a lot about the players they may be picking.

    As I said in the video – I spent a few hours trying to find information on possible starting lineups and info about the players – it was hardly information overload.
    500 word previews on the official site in no real format is tragic and if you haven’t watched much the year before – how can you pick on what you’ve seen?

  13. But never assume that people will take the time to watch 24 games in a season to formulate an opinion on a player. It is ok to be wrong in the profile about how good they might be but it is far worse not to bother covering that possibility. People may only watch 1 or 2 games a year maybe then the Finals if they don’t have a real interest in the code in Australia – but get them involved in Fantasy Leagues and you’ll get them watching a heck of a lot more football.

  14. If the A-League has any hopes of taking a big step forward in crowds (which aren’t terrible) and the numbers that follow the game (tv and general keeping track of your side) then they have to embrace the medium of the internet in a way they haven’t yet.

    Flood the internet and newstands with guides to the season, overdo the information if you have to – but get the message out there that the new season is in town. Detail players past and potential – analyse if they’re likely to play or not.

  15. They scrapped the NSL because it wasn’t working on a commerical or fan level to sustain itself and thus the A-League gets born.

    It starts with a bang but even with expansion this year – people just don’t know enough about the players to see their passing interest turned into a full blown following.

    Fantasy Leagues get people acquainted with the players – more than even watching the game – because it is a way to follow the game from your computer not in front of the tv screen.

  16. It’s going to play 2nd banana in Summer to Cricket and as much as it is played – the Australian game is barely watched in comparison. People just don’t feel the need to watch it and the biggest reason for that (outside of preferring other sports) is that people have little to no idea who the players are.

    I’d be confident in saying that you ask the average Australian about the EPL & A-League and which league they knew more about – EPL would win in a landslide.

  17. Alright scoop let’s debate. Was willing to let you walk free of further ridicule (how should I spell that ‘internet wise’ scoop?) but here’s my points – like I said in the video.

    The A-League is nowhere near the footballing force of its equivalents world wide. Football in this country is going to be 3rd or 4th banana to AFL & Rugby League for a long long time, and the only code it has a chance of running down is Rugby Union because it lacks a strong national competition.

  18. lol its the internet mate get used to it.
    and the reason u wont “debate” the issue is because ur completly wrong and its only just hit u now 🙂
    anyway get ya facts right before u speak and have a good one.
    thx for ur time

  19. I won’t debate the point anymore with you but what I will ask is this:

    Any chance you can use the English language next time you reply?
    Or at the very least not use your phone to write out your response?

  20. 6.its not up against the other codes as the Football season is played outside of AFL and NRL season (exceot for first few rounds) and teh EPL games arnt on till much later.
    7.if ur a spastic and dont no anythign about the sport of course ur going have to make gut decsions on ur Dream Team. same if u tried to make a AFL Dream team and had no clue wat ur doin.
    8.Case Closed, Thanks for ur time

  21. dude im sorry but u have no idea wat ur talking about. wow ok here go.

    1.if ur point was to bag the A-LEAGUE dont have the title of Season PREVIEW.
    2.if u would like to no anymore about the A-LEAGUE all u have to do is watch it! thats it mate, just watch it.

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