25 Replies to “Hyundai A-League 2007/08 advertisement”

  1. Dude, I wish we had such a slick Ad campaign for our league in the states.

    Good job on actually setting ratings records on pay tv, we set records on how low they are (not totally untrue)

  2. this was the best a-league commercial to date. if the competition ever got to ending up in a stadium looking like this, it would be something really special.

  3. this song goes so much better with the add than that stupid fucking presets shit, it ruins the ad

  4. woops, no its not… the new version has my people in it… this is the old one.

  5. Actually the league is much different to the struggling NSL. By implementing a one team per city system the FFA have erased the racial divsions between teams. Not to mention the financial stability of the league compared to the nsl.

    and obviously there will be the same players, it is still played in Australia?????

  6. What’s new, a fkn TV commercial? All the same players are playing as there were in the NSL.. the Hyundai gAy-league

  7. Na, it’s fine – I got it somehow…forgot how – it was a long time ago that I got it. It’s an awesome song tho.

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