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  1. As a referee, it’s neither a penalty nor a dive, but you can probably
    understand why the ref has given it from his view point. However the
    biggest call in the game to make and he gets it wrong. Oops!

  2. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Don’t even go for either side but that was
    not a penalty!

  3. I live in Brisbane and I can tell you first hand that Queenslanders are the
    biggest bunch of boofhead dumbass wankers they are about their sport. Half
    of that crowd have been to two Roar Games, last years grand final and this
    one. They arent a supporter of it unless they win it. Have a look at the
    attendance at Lions games right now. They are cunts when they win, whingy
    fags when they lose, and are the worst sports in the country.

  4. that faggot doesnt deserve to play sport in australia… running around
    like a cockhead after he was awarded that penalty.. soccer is the breeding
    ground for faggots like that.

  5. Are you retarded? I’m a Brisbane fan but if you can’t see the way he falls
    over when he misses the ball then you need your eyes tested!

  6. From a refs view it would of looked like the defender tackled him as one of
    his legs went between berisha’s so its going to look like it hit him
    causing it all.

  7. I agree, looked like a penalty, definitely wasn’t. Don’t think he dived i
    just think he fell over when he missed the ball. Which like you said, makes
    it ridiculous that they don’t have video replays. A refereeing mistake cost
    the grand final.

  8. The comentator said “im not sure im really not sure?” WTF? How many replays
    they need to see to realize that is no penalty at all?

  9. This is why soccer is in the same class as WWF wrestling. They might have a
    decent following but any one who enjoys real sport regards soccer with
    contempt. It’s either spoiled by corruption or incompetence. It can’t be
    held in any esteem until video refs are permitted. Make bloody hard to rig
    a world cup then though.

  10. are you fucking retarded, never a penalty there was no contact and even if
    there was, not enough to even nearly bring someone down, never a pen

  11. FFS its not a dive. He lost balance after an airswing… you wanna see a
    dive youtube: ashley young

  12. I was at that game, that first goal of the roar was inspirational. The
    atmosphere was marvelous, like I had never seen it before. This was an
    awesome experience

  13. Perth had no chance of winning smeltz was off they were a man down even if
    the game went into ET Brisbane would have won still.

  14. if you watch very closely, you can see the reason he has an “air swing” is
    because the perth glory’s leg makes contact as he goes to plant his left
    foot next to the ball… hence instead of planting his leg, his left boot
    makes contact with the ball and moves it out of the way. then when the
    right boot comes down to smash in a goal, the ball is no longer there.
    clear penalty.

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