Why soccer is like roulette, and other casino games

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The tactics, the suspense and most importantly, the drama. Sound familiar? Well for soccer fans and casino enthusiasts, it should do, as there are a lot of similarities between the two interests. Even the playing fields – soccer is played out on the finest imported turf a club can buy while casinos are built on elegant fabrics, table cloths and magnificent machinery – are a clear indication of how both interests aim to put on the finest show in town for their spectators and players, but are they truly that similar?

Well, yes, they are and as highlighted above, the familiar traits begin to take shape before a wheel is spun, a card is dealt and a ball is kicked. Just as soccer managers have to lay out a team and a formation, gamblers must formulate their strategy for their particular casino game, the stakes they would like to play and when to back out or when to go all in. While there are tactics books that can aid managers, there are also guidelines for tactics in casino play. For example, there is a host of established casino guides created about eight years ago that will give you great advice on how to play each and every individual game. Which gives us similarity number one; the drawing board is a vital aspect of success or failure in both interests.

Secondly, once you begin the game, the work gets even harder. Your strategy might get blown out of the window by an early goal (football) or a heavy bet that doesn’t pay off (gambling). This forces you to adapt and it is your ability to do so that will ultimately decide your fortunes in either scenario. Obviously, having time to regroup helps and in casino games you can simply walk away, making the amount of time to make a decision the only stand-out difference between that and soccer. The influx of this new Australian website and many others has made the process of walking away from the tables much easier when playing online at lease, but in most cases players stay in the game and opt to win their money back the old fashioned way and in the game of soccer, well, you have no choice but to tough it out and try and take the initiative once more.

Finally, in what is undoubtedly the most notable similarity of all, is the outcome of a winner. Joy, jubilation and ecstasy as you celebrate the moment and bask in the glory of your success. Whether it’s a late winner, an outstanding goal, a royal flush or an all-in bet, these sorts of victories are what you can only dream of when stepping onto the field, or onto the floor. So next time you take to either activity, have a think of what you might do in the reverse situation, as it may just help you more than you think.