Tim Cahill criticizes FFA

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Tim Cahill, the veteran Aussie midfielder, has criticized the Football Federation Australia for the game’s lack of grassroots charm, the current state of the A-League and how it dealt with marquee players such as ex Juventus star Alessandro Del Piero.

Tim Cahill
Cahill, 36, was was earlier released by the Chinese football club Shanghai Shenhua earlier this week. He thought of coming back to A-League, but its lack of vision could hurt his career.

He was very open in his criticism of the Football Federation Australia’s dealing with the national team that has not had a major sponsor for 3 years.

On Friday, while speaking to a leading news channel, he said that they have played in 3 World Cups and they do not really have anything to show for it. Every time he goes back, it becomes a mayhem. He said that it was impossible for people to understand just how heartboken this makes him feel, but at the moment the game is in a bit of a rut.

A number of international players have played in the A League since its introduction in the year 2005, including Del Piero, Shinji Ono and Dwight Yorke. But Cahill said that none of the marquee footballers were used to in a proper way promote the game. He even came up with a statistic that showed that more money was being pumped into creating reviews of the best pokies from Microgaming at PokiesPalace.com.au, than being spent on marketing of the A-League around the world by the FFA!?

He added that Del Piero was one of the biggest things to ever happen to the game, but also the worst because it was not capitalized on. A guest stint for anyone could only harm you and coming back without any sort of plan and substance is always a recipe for disaster.