16 Replies to “Sergio van Dijk Hyundai A-League Goals 2009/2010”

  1. Is he fast? Can he run with a ball? Dont get me wrong, the guy looks like a top finisher, he can really hit a ball, but ive just watched two goal compilation videos and the bulk of his goals were penalties, free kicks, headers or tap ins mainly created by other players with the odd first time beaut… awful goalkeeping played a part in a few of his goals… what I want to know is though would he be able to step up to a better league?

  2. @budwieserholic lol for the people who are interested he is not indonesian but dutch , why? he last name is a real dutch name and and you can see it on internet ^^ and he is born in holland to

  3. people are saying he is going to be at perth in 2010/2011. man it would be amazing if we were able to get him on a non marguee contract.

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