Milligan Rumors Of Stay At Melbourne

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Australian international Mark Milligan is a man in demand after he has been linked with several clubs overseas. However, there have been suggestions that he could end up staying at Melbourne Victory, who have offered the player a new contract. Contract negotiations have been going on with the club and Milligan has maintained that he does not want to move to a new club overseas. Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat has said that Milligan will be made as one of the marquee names in the club should he signed a new contract. Archie Thompson is the domestic marquee player, but he will be replaced by Milligan should the captain sign the contract.

When congratulated about this new position, the 28-year-old failed to accept it and said that nothing has been confirmed yet. Milligan was speaking on the occasion of the farewell World Cup dinner for the Australian national team, who will be preparing to face the likes of Spain and Netherlands in the World Cup group stages. Making him the marquee name will allow Melbourne Victory to keep him at the club. This new position will entitle the player to receive a substantial increase in wages. Milligan, though, have revealed that he is not concerned about this new status and is only focused on playing his game.

“I don’t think it’s confirmed yet because there’s been nothing agreed as yet. Obviously there’s been discussions but that’s as far as it’s gone at the moment. (But) it doesn’t just have to do with the marquee status, it has to do with my time in Melbourne so far and where I want it to go as well. As I’ve said many times, my family’s happy there, it’s definitely something we’re sitting down and we’re considering at the moment,” said the 28-year-old during the dinner.