Melbourne Victory Finally Hits Form

A-League side Melbourne Victory has finally picked form, winning their last three games. They were predicted to finish in the top three in the league at the end of the season. As the top two teams vie for the title, Victory will not rest on its oars as they face Perth next.

Assistant skipper Leigh Broxham said teams in the A-League start the season on an ambitious note but then things do not go as planned. He said Victory had to “reset and reassess” when things were not quite working.

He said the reassessment paid off as they have been hitting their target in the past month and reaching areas they want to be. He added that this is the form they have wanted to be all season. While the team is happy to finally hit form, he says they need to keep pushing to keep the third spot.

“You get a home elimination final, it’s a different opponent and then there’s that third Asian Champions League spot. We had to be realistic. A month or so ago third was the best we could have hoped for. But there’s still a lot of work to make sure that comes to fruition,” Broxham said.

The player added that the ACL rather helped them get into gear instead of being a struggled to jostle between the competitions. He alluded that being match hardened probably helped them unlike other teams that struggled to combine. For now the team is happy that the momentum is good but then the games are coming thick and fast too.