Jose Mourinho never Slams Team in Media

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Not often do the coaches slam their teams on TV, but, Jose Mourinho is the one who doesn’t mind doing so.

After every match Chelsea lost the previous season, Mourinho came up with the name of one or two players whom he held responsible for it and it sort of disunited the Chelsea squad.

And now as the tide has turned a little bit against him at United, he is on to his blame game again and is starting to pick out the names he thinks are the culprits of the defeats in open.

Regardless of his positive intention, if that’s what it is, behind speaking extrovertly, it will help him very little as it can give rise to negativity, insecurity and also conspiracy within the camp.

And, once the locker room refuses to back him, the exit door would open soon.

However, Deco, one of the old pupils of Mourinho, reckons his players should make peace with that habit of his as he will not stop doing that.

The 38-year old was quoted saying, “If my coach speaks a bad word about me in the press, it would displease me for sure and it would displease any player for that matter. But, with Jose, you have to take it. Even when I was under him, I saw him do that. That’s the way he works.”

“And actually there is no difference if he is expressing his opinion openly or behind the door. Even if he speaks to someone in a corner, he will still speak the same words because that is his opinion, but, I can understand it doesn’t make a player happy.”

Deco got done with the playing part of his life three years back and is a pundit nowadays.