15 Replies to “Hyundai A-league Goals of the Month (September)”

  1. @Pranksterboy333 The crowd was really good. There was no where no where near 10k hearts fans. Definitely 80% Mv. Though it sounded at the ground as if there were 40k MV fans and maybe 10k MH fans.

  2. @dodoro1995 Yeah, but you can bet that atleast 10k of those fans will be Heart fans. I’m still interested to see what the game is like (as a neutral) because it is the A-leagues first city derby.

  3. @Pranksterboy333 oh and dont comment about MV’s crowds. this fridays match is already a sell out.

  4. @dodoro1995 Noone blames MV for losing in Beijing, but if they were as quality a side as they claim they would not have finished the ACL on the bottom of their group …… with an average crowd of 6k!

    And I will admit that it has been a while since AU beat MV but like I said, none of that matters now that we’re gonna kick your asses this season!

  5. @dodoro1995 you’re right. What I can say, which confuses people to buggery, is that in the FIFA International Club World Cup playoffs (now we’re talking planet Earth here), The AU came 5th of all International Clubs – remember, its a FIFA Club World Cup ranking!

  6. @Culminatr I will admit that one of the red cards shouldnt have been 1, i forgot though. You cant say that you are 5th in the world though.

  7. @dodoro1995 the only thing that MV have made clear is that they are not up International standard without all the “give me’s” and bias’s awarded to it in the A-League. e.g. We all know that Matthew Breeze bias towards MV, so what do the A-League officials do … put Matthew to ref the MV and The AU games in a Statistically skewed programme!

  8. @Culminatr oh, I meant the FFA … but AFL also applies! Just a Freudian Slip. Inner truth always comes out!

  9. @dodoro1995 MV can not make it on an International Area where the games are played on merit – not nepotism or patronage as with the AFL Melbourne Centric competition. When all things are equal, MV can’t cut to the chase. The AU on the other hand have not only made it passed the Asian Group Final, they’ve been to the Asian GF and then FIFA’s International Club WORLD CUP – and came 5th in the World!! Where was MV in all of this?

  10. @Pranksterboy333
    Melbourne victory have made it clear that the champions league is not their priority.
    Plus how were Mvfc suppose to do well when they had just lost in a penalty shoot out in the grand final and 3 hours after the game they had to fly to china and play.
    So any way answer the question, when was the last time Adelaide beat Melbourne?

  11. @dodoro1995 None of that matters now that we’re gonna kick your asses this season! 29th of October, we’re gonna smash you scum!
    And when was the last time Melbourne made it out of the Champions League group stage?

  12. Adelaide United are by far the best team in the A-league!!
    Melbourne Victory are nothing but worthless scum!

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