11 Replies to “Hyundai A-League Clive Palmer Gold Coast Chairman”

  1. Kick this GOOSE out of the club. He as NO idea how to engage the community. This guy is a billionaire yet, there is LITTLE advertising. Where are the GCU players going to schools to engage the club?????? where is the adverting on the local newspapers???

  2. everyones jealous he has billions! i would be way more of a prick if i had that much coin!lol

  3. Fuck that revolting capitalist parasite Palmer; he’s a total fucking dog. A bullet is too good for this low-life cunt, send him to Xmas island to protect Australia from his anti-democratic and anti-social behaviours and business practises. Oh, and fuck commercial sport; another opiate for the masses! Does nothing but divided communities and make parasites richer.

  4. this guy is doin nothin for football in australia all he is worried about is how he is tryin 2 save money stupid fat cunt CHANGE THE PRICING IN UR TICKETS AND U MIGHT GET MORE PEOPLE TO UR GAMES FUCKWHIIIT

  5. clive mate… haha i liked watching this

    ur a little naiive, but still i like your attitude so keep up the good work. u’ve got one more supporter for ur club now :_)

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