20 Replies to “A-League Goal of the Year 2009/10 – Archie Thompson”

  1. Pffft, great play by melbourne yes, but not goal of the season. What about Jobe Wheelhouse’s volley or hernandez’s (both vs. gold coast )

  2. @RoarUnited182 how do i disagree with u i reakon hrnandez’s goal against gold coast should be the goal of the year cause his goal got us going and we like one. this one by archie was good but hernandez’s was better.

  3. @RoarUnited182 this wasnt even in the 5 choices for goal of the year how could it be goal of the year


    BEST GOAL WAS THE NEWCASTLE ONE AGAINST GOLD COAST… Even the hernandes one was better then this!

  5. Not taking anything away from this goal…Melbourne was on fire this night..this goal was good in its own way, great build up, great finish. The Hernandez goal was hands above the rest. Pure Strike.

    @noddis911 if miss hits like Kisels goal should be goal of the year like you said then Wards shot from the corner should be goal of the century. Get your head out of your ass.

  6. hernendez fuckin owns this
    anyone see hes volly in the first leg tonight
    fuckin dipped like a mad cunt

  7. it was clearly hernandez who got the goal of the season.. dunno what retard chose this goal.

  8. no way.. i can think of atleast 8 goals better than this one. and karol kisels goal was a miss hit.. it sliced of the outside of the foot and it was obviously unintentional. johns goal was class, but not goal of the season.

  9. its definitely not the best goal i’ve seen this season.. it’s an okay build up and nicely placed..
    but not ‘in-your-face-amazing-i-can’t-believe-that-just-went-in’ type goal..

  10. I was there as well, and he clearly wanted to hit the ball with the inside with his foot, and hit it with the outside and it went in. But yeah Fowlers goal was also very good.

  11. lol as if… i was there and it didn’t seem it, although it kind of did hit his shin, lol. But still, if you just consider the goal it was pro… and what about Fowlers vs Sydney fc, the lob over Bolton’s head… that was good

  12. Well i reckon Karol Kisel vs Melbourne Victory Rnd 27, was the best, otherwise Aloisi’s in the same game… but yer hernandez’s was better than this

  13. I saw both the hernandez goal and this goal live and i would say the hernandez strike was way better

  14. Alright Goal
    But I Dont Agree For It To Win The Goal Of The Season
    I Reckon
    Carlos Hernandez’s Goal Against Gold Coast (away) Was The Best Goal

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