25 Replies to “2008/09 Hyundai A-League Best Saves”

  1. tando velaphi is my favourite goalkeeper. go to 5:45 and he makes the best save. hes gotta huge future ahead of him.

  2. @JayFCAK47 are you making another vid like this for the ’09/’10 season? There have been some absolute crackers especially from Galekovic and I think most of the content would be worth uploading, but I’m no good with computers XD

  3. @iluvcrows. well then i spse it’s a suprise that a EPL team are tryin to pouch him! rofl

  4. @Gbtbag.
    Have you not heard about your own clubs fincical problems? considering 3 times this season LATE player payments. i don’t really see them signing Galekovic for a few years.

  5. I’m a Pompey fan and Galekovic is being mentioned as someone our manager, Avram Grant, is interested in bringing to Fratton Park. I’d be happy with him!

    BTW, does anyone know what the music is playing in the background of this compilation?

  6. if galekovic was like 5-10 years younger he’d be a socceroo regualar and on his way to epl.

    if vukovic wasnt a fukn idiot, he’d be quality goalie. eg stupid silly mistakes and getting angry too easily

  7. the best 2 goalkeepers are

    Danny Vukovic CCM


    Eugene Galekovic ADU

    some other r behind (the young talent ut rite now its dem)

  8. yer galekovic is pretty good him and moss glad moss is all white but mark paston is pretyy good

  9. Yeah that why he was A-league keeper of the year. Must be pretty crap then

  10. galeckovic is the best….hope he never leaves Adelaide united

    im surprised other clubs in places like asia havent tried to poach him….hes a bloody good keeper

  11. Galekovic’s two saves at 6:35 and 7:10 r fukn insane. Bloody Superstar!
    And if this vid was 2 b updated at the end of this season his save on Sunday vs McBreen early in the 2nd half would definetely b there!

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